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Hotel Room Safes by Global Safe Corporation

Global Safe Corporation in its 18th year is a leading manufacturer of electronic hotel safes. Our hotel room safes are installed in over 300,000 hotel rooms in the USA and other countries including every hotel brand in the United States. You can also find our hotel room safes in hospital patient rooms, university dormitories, United States military bases and embassies around the world. Our customers are the world's leading hotels, and companies selling hotel supplies.

Hotel room safes are a necessity, because no matter where you are, there is always the possibility that crime can occur. Theft can occur even during a vacation. Guests should use hotel safes to help protect their possessions while they are not being used. Modern business travelers rely on hotels to feature hotel safes to help secure their laptops, cellular phones and work-related documents. Featuring a user-friendly keypad, easy maintenance and installation, our hotel safes are the preferred choice among leading hotels and companies selling hotel supplies all over the world. We invite you to browse our selection of hotel room safes and contact us today if you have any questions.

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